Ultra Portable Vape Pods Are The Future Of Vaping

When you are outside your home, disposable vape pods are a compact, convenient option. These vape pods don’t need any maintenance or charging. The powerful fully charged cells ensure there is no risk of power running out before consuming all the e-juice in the reservoir.

The salt nicotine e-juice ensures you get a wonderful experience in every puff. Since the ultra portable vape STIG gives a similar feeling like smoking, it is ideal for all smokers and ex-smokers. It gives the same feel and quality taste of a real cigarette.

How Does The STIG Ultra Portable Vape Work?

The technology behind the STIG Pod is simple. This pod consists of a battery and coils that vaporize the e-juice from the reservoir. Now, this is a non-flammable device. All you need to do is take a draw on the pod to get it started. There are no power buttons or other complicated settings.

When inhaling, you get a gratifying vapor containing flavor. Keeping the different vapers and their needs in mind, the disposable vape pod comes in amazing flavor. You can choose from fruit, menthol or tobacco as per your need.

There is an LED light located at the end of the device that lights up, giving you a pleasurable vaping experience. This gives a feeling like smoking 20 cigarettes at a time, minus the excess smoke or tar.

Each pod lasts as per your use and you can dispose of after you are done with it completely.


Using The STIG Is Effortless

When you choose the ultra portable vape pod that comes charged and pre-filled, there is no chance of fuss and fiddle. You can choose the pod straight out from the pack. Each pack contains three flavorful pods.

To use the pod, just hold it near the mouth and take a draw. No buttons make the device user-friendly, especially for novice vapers.

You don’t need to refill it, clean it. This reduces all the mess. Coming pre-charged means the device doesn’t need charging. You can carry it anywhere you are traveling for instant vaping.


When the e-juice runs out, just throw it and get another one. Depending on use, each pod lasts for about 1-2 days.

The stylish design and small size of the ultra portable vape mean you can slip this in your pocket and take it anywhere. Unlike the cigarette, this one doesn’t damage your teeth or skin or leave any lingering smell.

So, when are you switching to vaping? Share your thoughts.